Some notes I found on Randi

Do a cut and paste of the below URLs to read more on him.  I used to suspect
his basic honesty, but after reading below, I find him to be a joke.

The vast majority of claims to paranormal powers are fraudulent.  However, a rare few
such as poltergist and spontantenous human combustions are inexplicable.

I have some encounters that strike me as very strange and will not talk about it here.

I did that once relating to my cat Ivan.

But to have demands made of me to submit 'Scientific paper' (as if Randi is a scientist instead of a former magician and former escapologist) by his devoted follower made me decide instead to find out about Randi.  Randi did not appear to be as honest as what he wanted others to be.

Read for yourself below.;read=1413