Tinkerbell & Riamfada, Flighted CAGs in Taiwan & Oman, their life and fun with Shanlung & Joy
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Below are links to my wife web pages.

She has a lot more time than I have and she takes even more photos than I can and of trips that Tinkerbell took with us than I can write to you all about.

So if you are interested to see more photos of Taiwan &    Tinkerbell, you are warmly welcomed to those links
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Bond with your charges and understand them - Bird-Click
Another good clicker site to learn to bond and understand your charges - Clickbird
Mike Manna Mash - Cornerstone of Tinkerbell's diet
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Beautiful Taiwan through her web cams

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  PART 1 - The Early Period of Tinkerbell in Taiwan

A love story of me and my Tinkerbell, a free flying
Congo African Grey parrot CAG , as we first roamed about the mountains and forests and cities of Taiwan from 2002 to 2004. She loved to go riding with me on the motorbike as she sat on a perch on the handle bar.
Full details of that first period in Taiwan and more are  in here
together with URLs to the relevant folders
of hundreds of photos. Without those photos, what I
wrote will never be believed.  Details of her training,
the design and construction of her harness and her diet are in this part.

She flew freely in apartment and near the apartment.  When taken out to further  places and restaurants  and on the motorbike, she wore a harness.

PART 2 - Tinkerbell Legacy

I could not take Tinkerbell with me when I had to leave Taiwan at the end of my contract and my work here. My heart broke and I then wrote Tinkerbell Legacy.

That is the legacy that Tinkerbell will like you to
have. That you can also keep a flying parrot.

The legacy is on-going, and that can be followed from
the blog


  PART 3 - Tinkerbell Revisited

In June 2005,  I decided I had to see my TInkerbell again and I made a special trip to Taiwan to be with her again for a month..

My account of that visit can be read in my blog June to July 2005
Livejournal June 2005 Index
Tinkerbell shanlung's Tinkerbell photoset
Tinkerbell shanlung's Tinkerbell photoset
White rumped shama Yingshiong
He is a treasured gift to me from Tinkerbell.

URL to YingShiong here
NEW  Link to Tinkerbell/Yingshiong videos
NEW Some earlier letters I written as a Luddite and Idiotic Taoist, Taoism and my martial arts background and view of life
Part 4 - Tinkerbell Interlude 1Nov to 8 Nov 2006
Tinkerbell Interlude URL
URL to Summary of Tinkerbell and Guide to  the training and harness details here

Top Sites
Final farewell to beautiful Yingshiong 7May 2007
Part 5 - Tinkerbell - Lost & found - Bantienyen Dec 2007
Part 6 - Yingshiong & Tinkerbell - A good closure April 2008
Part 7 - Riamfada , a rescued CAG , joined us in Muscat Oman in Oct 2008
Her story starts here  - 
Shama Songs from Yingshiong

More Shama Songs from Yingshiong with mimic
of cat meows